Creating Custom Fields & Optin Form Example

The purpose of creating custom fields is to collect leads and data from participants of your contest. If you  add your own code from a mailing list provider when creating a new contest you can simply map the fields you already made. However, if you decide not to use a mailing list provider you can still create your own custom fields that will collect data into WP Contest Creator which you can export later in the leads screen.

By default the email address field is always present and required.

Important: Email is the only mandatory field . Do not delete this field. If you accidentally delete this field uninstall the plugin and reinstall it to get back the email field by default.


Add New Custom Fields

You may also add a new filed by going to Contests > Click to edit the desired contest, then click on "Entry Form / Opt-in". And clicking “New” or “Edit” button to edit or create an existing contest form.

Then click on the tab labeled "My Custom Fields". There you will find all the fields currently available.

Field name – Here you can give your custom field a name for your reference.

Field label – The field label will display to visitors on the contest entry screen.

Field Type – You may also select a custom field type. This can be a Text box, …

Field Values – Values apply to the field type chosen and can be separated by commas for multiple values. For example if you created a drop down box field asking what their favorite color is you can enter the choices here such as red, blue, green.

Validation Rule – For advanced users you can set the validation rule of the custom field. This will ensure you get the required responses from your participants or that the information is valid.

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    Mohamad Shafshak

    what about creating an upload field so people can upload their videos and people vote for them ?

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    Mohamad Shafshak

    after submitting the form , which they have to upload a video to it max 20MB then i have to view it and people start voting on the videos , and the winner from the votes will win something. does this plugin apply these things ??!

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    Antonio Rillera

    Hi Mohamad,

    Contest Creator does not have an upload field at this time, but it is something we are considering for future releases. Voting is also another feature that is not currently available but we have considered adding.

    Primarily Contest Creator is used for Entry / Points type contests where users can enter their information, earn points, etc.

    Hope this helps, feel free to join our Facebook page at and stay up to date on our latest releases and feature updates.

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    Rosdi Sulaiman

    can this be integrated with capcha?

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