Creating a New Contest

New Contest - Create a Contest in 10 Minutes

Creating your first contest is easy to do and will only take a few minutes. If you want to customize further elements of the contest such as your logo, buttons, font colors, and more this will take just a little more time depending on how detailed you get.

1. Add new contest - First, you will need to add a new contest by clicking “Create a new contest” in the Wordpress Admin Menu "Contests" on the right hand side.

2. Add contest details - Next you will need to add your contest details and settings so your contest can run.

Detailed Videos for Each Section

New Contest - Settings 

Contest Status – Setting the contest status allows you to show participants various contest states. You can set whether the contest is OpenShow WinnerFinished, or Closed.

Open status allows the contest to accept participants

Show Winner status will display a message with the winner of the contest.

Closed status will display a message that the contest has closed.

(All messages can be customized under Contest Status Messages.)

Contest Headline – Your contest headline should be enticing and relevant to what is being given away. This will display on your contest wherever the headline tag appears in the template.

Contest Description  - Your contest description should describe what your participants exactly are going to win and a call to action to join the contest. This will display wherever the description tag appears in the included templates.

Contest Automation – Select the dates of your contest to begin and end. You may also select a specific time of day you would like it to start and end.

Countdown Timer – Activating the countdown timer will display a timer at the top of your contest of when your contest will end. This is great for creating the sense of urgency in your contests and enticing visitors to sign up quickly.

Contest Rules – Here you can specific rules for your contests. This is usually where all the legal stuff goes regarding your contests.

Terms & Conditions – Place your contest/website terms and conditions here. This will display at the bottom of contest pages in the footer.

Disclaimer – This is perfect for a privacy policy or other disclaimer information regarding your contest, income claims, or other important information for participants to be aware of. This will display in the footer of your contest.


New Contest - Choosing Templates

Here you can select a template for your contest. We have included 2 templates already that you can use for your contests. If you want to create your own templates, or edit the ones we provided you can by using the template editor.


New Contest - Participant Notification

Participant email notification – By enabling participant notification, an email will be sent to each participant when they enter. This notification can also be fully customized! If not selected, no notification will go out.

Winner email notification – By enabling winner notification, an email will be sent to the winner when the contest ends. This notification can also be fully customized! If not selected, no notification will go out.


New Contest - Surveys

The survey is a powerful feature that allows you to write your own questions which can be used to collect useful data from contest participants.

Activate Survey Question – Activates the survey question feature. This will add a step in the contest where users must answer a question before entering. You may also view this information inside the leads screen.

Survey Question – The question asked to visitors. This can be anything you want to collect survey data on or even something fun to amuse your visitors.

Answers – You can enter any number of possible answers so visitors can select from. They will be able to select this from a drop box and answer order will be randomized.


Entry Form / Opt-In Settings

This is the place where you can use your email optin provider code to collect leads directly into your mailing list provider of choice. If you do not enter custom form code from a mailing list provider your contest will still be able to collect participant information in the wordpress database and be viewable in the leads screens.

Opt-In Code – This box is for pasting your mailing list form code. For this to work you must paste the HTML form code only and WP Contest Creator will automatically detect the fields for you.

Custom Fields – Here you can select the custom fields detected in your mailing list code that you pasted in to map for your contest. Very Important: You must map every field that is in your mailing list code to capture leads correctly to your provider. For example if you are using a service like Aweber and you have a Name, Email, and Phone field. You must also add the same fields inside of WP Contest Creator or Aweber will not be able to recognize the entry.

You can also create custom fields inside of WP Contest Creator that you can use here.

You may also rearrange field order easily by click the up and down arrows icon and dragging the in the order you want.


Video Settings

Videos are perfect for interesting visitors in your contest. You can easily add a video to your contest and display it in templates that have video tags in them. To see templates with videos visit the template gallery.

Video Embed Code – Paste your video embed code here that will display for visitors. WP Contest Creator supports all major video sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, and many more.


Social Settings

Interact with and get more participants by using the viral sharing options.

Social Profile links – Here you can include the links to your website and social profiles that will be viewed by contest participants. This helps give your website and profiles more exposure.

On this step of the contest entry screens visitors are presented with the option to share the contest for more points on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. You can also customize the message that is shared by users.

Custom Sharing Metadata:

Share Image – The image your participants will share when posting on their social network.

Share Title – The title of the message shared by users.

Share Message – The message to post by participants, this will automatically include a direct link to the contest with the participants referral id so you can track which visitors referred the most.

Facebook Comments - Enabling Facebook comments will allow contest participants to add comments to your contest page. You will be able to set a question to ask on each contest page and get them to interact with your contest live. To use Facebook comments, you will need to setup a Facebook APP ID if you haven't already. For full instructions on how to setup a Facebook App ID visit here.

Activate Facebook Comments – Activating this option will place a comment box below your contest on the final step after participants have entered. This will allow you to interact with your participants by asking them a question. Other participants will also see this, thus providing social proof that they are not the only participants in the contest.

Facebook Comments Question – This is the question you want to ask your participants. It should be fun and enticing for best results. For example if you are giving away an iPad, you could simply ask “If you win, what would you do first with your new iPad?”


SEO & Tracking settings

By default your contest pages will be able to be indexed by search engines. Here you may customize what the search engines robots do and see to describe your contests.

Robot meta settings – By checking these boxes you can tell search engine robots not to index your page, not to follow your links, and / or not to archive your pages in the Google cache. in a nutshell, it keeps your contest page hidden from people searching for it, unless they have a direct link.

Header / Footer Script – You may find the need to enter custom javascript or code into your contests. This is the ideal spot for custom tracking codes from providers like Google Analytics, Clicktale, and many others. Any code here will be entered into the footer of your contest.

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