Viewing Your Leads

Viewing your leads is probably the most fun of all. This is where you can see how many entries you are receiving to your contests, how many referrals they have, and much more.

To view your leads go to Contests > Leads & Entries tab.

  1. Select a contest - The first thing to do is to select the contest you want to view leads for. Select a contest from the drop down box to do this.
  2. Select a date range – Next, you will need to select a date range of your leads. You can view leads “Since contest started”, “This Week”, “Last Week”, “This month”, or select a custom date range of your choice. Once selected click “OK”.
  3. Show Leads – Click show leads to view the leads for that Contest.

The Leads Screen

Once you have selected a contest and date to view leads for you will be presented with the leads data screen. This screen will show you the full data for the selected contest including the participant count, survey results, participant data and much more.

The lead chart – This chart displays leads you have received daily. If you hover your mouse over the points in the chart you can see the exact number of participants you received on that day.

You will also see the total participants for the contest at the top right of the chart.

Survey Results – This chart displays the survey results for your contest. You can see how many participants answered the question and how many of each answer were selected.

Contest Selector – You can easily switch between other contests here to display information for a different contest. Don’t forget to select a date range also and click show leads!

Participant Chart – This chart displays all the information relating to the participants of your contest. This includes participant email, IP Address for determining multi-entry users, Entry Date, Referrals by the participant, and points earned.


Download entries to CSV – Click download CSV will export all the data collected by WP Contest Creator. This is perfect for backing up contest results or importing the information into other services as needed.

Delete all entries - Does what the name implies, it deleted all leads from this contest. Be careful as deleted leads cannot be recovered. Use only if you have performed your own tests.

Reset Poll Stats - Deletes all the poll responses stats collected for this contest. Be careful as this information cannot be recovered once deleted.

Note: Points are in multiples of 10 by default for every referral made.

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