How is a winner selected?

The nature of WP Contest Creator is to get you the most subscribers by motivating contest participants to share the contest so others can join, and by doing so they increase their chances to win.

This works by tracking each referral signup a contest participant gets with their unique referral link. Each time a person joins the contest using that special referral link, the participants that owns that referral link gets points.

The participant that gets the most points by the contest end date is automatically selected by our plugin and shown on the contest page automatically. The contest page can be customized to show different templates according to the state of the contest (open, ended, show winner and closed)

For contest organizers that want more control over their contests, the winner status message can be customized under Contest Winner Message (when you create or edit a contest under "Contest Details")

Winner(s) can be selected manually by going into the "Leads & Entries" tab, selecting your desired contest & dates, then looking at all the participants that joined on the list. If you click the the green trophy icon you can declare the participant the winner. If you still have your contest open, it will warn you that this action will set your contest status to "Show winner" which will close your contest from receiving new entries.

If you already have your contest (on the "Contest Automation" tab) set on the "Winner Selection" to:

- Most Points Wins


- Randomized Winner

then the winner will be selected for you, and you can wait until the contest ends for your winner to be notified. On the other hand, if you have it set to "I will choose winner manually" then it is up to you to select the winner(s) once your contest ends.

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