Is there a way to have the contest winner be picked randomly and not based on the most amount of points?

Yes, the option is available under Contests -> Edit or create a contest -> Contest Automation -> "Winner Selection" but:

The concept around WP Contest Creator is to make your participants help you promote your contest by telling others. This encourages them to engage the social networks and such to spread the word. We have been asked the same question before about picking the winner randomly, but if this was the case then people would just join themselves and "hope" they win.

By "hoping" they could win in a random selection has opposite effect of sharing, since people wouldn't want other people to join because the odds of winning at a random pick is greater the less people join a contest. So for example if 10 people join, and you are 1 of the 10 people your odds of winning are 1 in 10. On the other hand if 100 people join your odds of winning are dramatically reduced to 1 in 100. This is why contests based on random selection are not good to help you on a viral contest campaign.

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    hi is it possible to have 2 winners ?? one with the max signups and one with a random select ?

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    Antonio Rillera

    Hello Amba, 

    WP Contest Creator will just rank the participants for you based on how many referrals they brought to your contest that signed up. It will show you this on the Lead screen also. So you can select the winners yourself either by the top referrer or you may randomly select a winner by choosing the winner yourself out of the list. WP Contest Creator does not do any automatic randomized winner selection for you (at least at the moment).

    We are careful with the way we select winners because contest rules/laws and such vary in different places. So we leave the winner selection process up to you. Another great idea if you need random winner selection is to export the participants as a CSV file inside of WP Contest Creator and import them into a randomizer such as

    We will look into adding a randomize feature also.

    If you have any other technical troubles please feel free to submit a new ticket in support. :)

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    Rainer Walter

    +1 for including a randomize feature

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