My contest is not working correctly, what can I do?

WP Contest Creator comes with default templates that work out of box with no changes required on your end.

If you contest stopped working or currently not working correctly follow these troubleshooting tips:

- If you have changed the template in any way (one of the default templates), copy your customizations on a text file, then restore the template back to the original default template that ships with WP Contest Creator, then test viewing your contest again. If you see the desired behavior when viewing your contest then you had made changes to the template that broke the default contest code. Re-apply your customizations again and carefully test in small increments so you know what broke your contest page. (if you didn't save a copy of the original template you can always go to and copy it from there)

- Have you altered any Javascript code that ships with WP Contest Creator or added custom Javascript to your contest page? if so try removing your custom javascript code and try loading your contest page again. Apply your javascript changes with care and always add then test code in small increments all your changes. Make sure you don't have any Javascript errors as those can break your contest page.

- Are you getting an error "Error: Cannot render contest"? make sure you have not moved your copy of WP Contest Creator to another domain where you originally installed it specially if you purchased a single license copy. If you did, you have to request support to migrate your domain to a new domain. Also try de-activating the plugin then activating it again on the Wordpress plugins page.

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