I get a message: "ioncube loader is not installed on your web hosting account..." what can I do to fix it?

Most shared hosting providers come with the ioncube php module pre-installed, so your server doesn’t need any extra configuration to install it.

If your hosting provider doesn’t come with ioncube pre-installed or you got a message saying: “ioncube loader is not installed on your web hosting account. Please contact your hosting provider for support

You can easily install ioncube on your server following these steps:

  1. Download a copy of the ioncube loader here. You have to select the version that most closely matches your server type and OS. Follow the instructions on that page
  2. Uncompress the file you just downloaded, and upload the correct version of ioncube according to the version of PHP you have installed. The ioncube provides a detailed explanation how you can install ioncube on your server or hosting provider here: http://www.ioncube.com/loader_installation.php
  3. If you followed the instructions, uploaded the ioncube file, modified your php.ini and still get the error message in bold above, then ioncube was not installed correctly. We offer assistance please contact our support team. You need to provide your server admin password or access to your existing control panel.

Godaddy Customers:

Godaddy has a brief tutorial on how to enable ioncube for all customers who use Godaddy here:


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